Internationally Recognised 1234 iROCK Method

Learn songs you choose at the level just right for you right now using our 1234 iROCK Method.

The 1234 iROCK Method is a structured approach to teaching instrumental parts of increasing difficulty to students of mixed level ability groups.

The 1234 iROCK Method targets learning at 4 levels:

Beginner Intermediate Advanced Expert
Focuses on single root notes / bass notes or simply keeping time. Moves on to 2 – 3 note chords, power chords, or use of 2 drum parts. Progresses to 3 – 4 note chords, triads or use of 3 drum parts. Teaches parts closest to the real song. Open chords, full bar chords, left and right hand keyboard technique or the standard rock beat and/or variations of it, drum fills and cymbal accents.

In amongst all of this is another layer of learning in the area of rhythm and improvisation. The 1234 iROCK Method recognises that at any ability group students can also be working at different levels of rhythmic ability and improvisation.

iROCK Music School and our 1234 iROCK Method will work for you because it…

  1. Structures your learning
  2. Targets your ability level
  3. Personalises your lesson
  4. Motivates your desire to grow
  5. Uses songs you choose
  6. Builds your independence