What challenge in education is this program attempting to solve?

Are you a school located in a remote area looking for a way of providing quality music education and professional development to your students and staff?


Maybe your school is geographically located outside of our base in Melbourne, but you feel iROCK Music School offers a service you can’t find anywhere else.


Are you looking for new, safe and innovative ways of creating personalised learning experiences for your students where they can self-direct their own learning developing 21st century skills using technology that brings the world into your classroom?

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How does what we do address these problems of practice?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we are excited to make available to you the iROCK Music Distant Schools Program. This program offers schools in remote areas, and locations distant from us, the opportunity to engage with our outstanding music education practices and personalised learning experiences for all students. This program empowers students, supporting them with the resources they need to direct their own learning. It will engage their interests and build on key skills required for the 21st century.

We do this by:

  • Using Zoom video conferencing software to connect virtually with your students and staff at school during school hours
  • Providing the opportunity for all schools to experience our approaches that otherwise would not have had the opportunity to, nationally and internationally
  • Providing schools we partner with custom made resources that reflect your student’s personal music interests and song choices
  • Providing teachers and students with the resources they need right at their finger tips (written, video and live)
  • Supplying resources to assist with explicit differentiation and evidence based curriculum design for music and instrumental teachers
  • Providing discounted private lessons for students and teachers after school hours using Zoom video conferencing software (private and group) enabling them to use the flipped learning model to continue music learning outside of class time, relevant to their music work in school (we make students aware of these during the school based lessons)
  • Creating opportunities for feedback on learning (Teacher to student / Student to student / Student to teacher)
  • Using a structured but flexible approach to lessons that is fun and students love
  • Offering ongoing professional development, coaching and mentoring for music teachers
  • Creating a safe online community for music departments to become part of
  • Creating an opportunity for an annual CD release and online concert for our participating schools to take part in

What is Zoom video conferencing and how does it work?

  • Located in San Jose, California, Zoom Video Communications is a company providing remote conferencing services using cloud software. Zoom creates opportunities for communication using software that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration.
  • No account is needed which makes it very easy to use (schools need to ensure the Zoom site is not blocked)
  • Sessions can be recorded and shared (video, sound and text)
  • Users have full control over interactions
    • Who can see who?
    • Who can talk to who?
    • Who can hear who?
  • There can be multiple users all logged into the same session at the same time from anywhere in the world
  • No cost to the school to use the software

How can we get involved and how much does the program cost?

For more information or to register your interest contact us today as places are limited. Out contact details are listed above. After your contact with us we look forward to having a conversation with you about:

  • What you want to achieve from the program
  • How ready you and your school are for a program such as this (timetable, school support, community support, technology, instruments)
  • Suitable times
  • How to engage student voice through their song choices
  • Possible challenges and ways to work through them
  • Cost and commitment
    • We require a commitment of 10 lessons paid for in advance using our complete payment system Fons
    • Average lesson cost is $35 dollars per 30 minutes ($15 p/lesson discount off our standard Zoom session lessons)

So why choose us?

We are in a unique position to be able to share something with you that is very special. The practices of differentiation, personalisation, and self-directed learning are not new, but the way we package them up and present them to you and your students is unique and engaging. We are not aware of any other approach like this anywhere. Students love the level based approach to our curriculum and really enjoy the ability to move at their own pace. Teachers that have undergone our training are already implementing our systems into their classrooms with great success. Here’s what a few of our teachers have had to say about our curriculum and presentation skills:

  • Really enjoyed the play along videos. It was engaging and a lot of fun.
  • This was a great session! What a wonderful and simple way to scaffold. Principals always want to see how we are doing it. Thank you! Great tips and ideas! Keep doing it!
  • Fun. Very practical. Something I will use in my classroom. He is an excellent presenter! Ask him back! He is very easy going!

With professional development and coaching your teachers will be able to present their own high quality materials based on the work we share with you. When it comes to high quality music professional development programs for teachers we know there is a shortage. We are confident that our program offers a solution to this and creates opportunities for music teachers to:

  • Learn best practice
  • Engage the use of technology and 21st century learning models
  • Learn curriculum knowledge and approaches relevant to their subject specialization
  • Better engage students and student voice

So, if you would like to know more contact us today. We are excited to speak with you about the opportunity of working together.