Ukulele Lessons for Uke Lovers

The ukulele is a great instrument in its self or as a stepping-stone to playing guitar. No matter what your goals the friendly and experienced team at iROCK Music School will get you started on a great learning program based on your current skills, music you love, dreams and interests.

We build quality relationships and a fun learning environment where we will teach you about chords, strumming patterns, improv, technique, aural skills, and great music you have chosen in order to unleash your love for ukulele on the world.

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Lesson Cost

Lessons are paid per term/10 lesson in advance

Group Lessons

  • $26 (30 Mins)
    $260 per term / 10 Lessons
  • $42 (60 Mins)
    $420 per term / 10 Lessons
  • Learn With Others
  • Proven 1234 iROCK Method
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Online Lessons

  • $32 (30 Mins)
    $320 per term / 10 Lessons
  • $42 (60 Mins)
    $420 per term / 10 Lessons
  • Learn Online
  • Proven 1234 iROCK Method
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Why Choose iROCK Music School


Experienced Teachers & Musicians

Learn from teachers passionate about music making, performing, composing, listening and most importantly, teaching.


Proven 1-2-3-4 iROCK Method

Showcased at the 2018 Modern Band Summit, our 1234 iROCK Method is a structured approach to teaching instrumental parts of increasing difficulty to students at different levels of learning.


Rapidly Improve Technique

Maximise your opportunity for growth and skill development through our effective lesson structures and specific focus on practise, patience, persistence and passion.


Affordable Lessons

Select an option that suits you and enjoy the best rock lessons in Melbourne for the best price either one-on-one, in a group or online.


Play The Songs You Love

Achieve your goals and dreams at iROCK Music School by playing music you have chosen and want to learn.


Play In A Rock Band

Talk to us about our rock band program and opportunities for you to play and learn alongside other musicians.

How It Works

You’ll learn to unleash your inner rock star through practise, patience, persistence and passion and rapidly improve your technique and playing ability using our internationally recognised 1234 iROCK Method.


Focuses on single root notes / bass notes or simply keeping time.


Moves on to 2 - 3 note chords, power chords, or use of 2 drum parts.


Progresses to 3 - 4 note chords, triads or use of 3 drum parts.


Teaches parts closest to the real song. Open chords, full bar chords, left and right hand keyboard technique or the standard rock beat.

A researched approach to ukulele lessons

You will enjoy our lessons at iROCK Music School because they are personalised around your music, goals, interests, needs and progress. Each structured but flexible lesson is unique and could include:

  • Weekly practise review
  • Exciting teacher demos
  • Identifying a lesson focus
  • Discussion, questions and exploration
  • 80% playing
  • Self-reflection
  • Feedback and evaluation
  • Planning for success
  • Playing a song you love to finish!

In our lessons, our ukulele students may learn about songs they’ve chosen, music we’ve introduced, strumming, picking, technical exercises, improvisation, music theory, listening skills and jamming with others.