Distant Schools Program

Cutting edge music education for schools located remotely or outside of Melbourne, nationally or internationally

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How does what we do address these problems of practice?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we are excited to make available to you the iROCK Music Distant Schools Program. This program offers schools in remote areas, and locations distant from us, the opportunity to engage with our outstanding music education practices and personalised learning experiences for all students. This program empowers students, supporting them with the resources they need to direct their own learning. It will engage their interests and build on key skills required for the 21st century.

We do this by:

  • Using Zoom video conferencing software to connect virtually with your students and staff at school during school hours
  • Providing the opportunity for all schools to experience our approaches that otherwise would not have had the opportunity to, nationally and internationally
  • Providing schools we partner with custom made resources that reflect your student’s personal music interests and song choices
  • Providing teachers and students with the resources they need right at their finger tips (written, video and live)
  • Supplying resources to assist with explicit differentiation and evidence based curriculum design for music and instrumental teachers
  • Providing discounted private lessons for students and teachers after school hours using Zoom video conferencing software (private and group) enabling them to use the flipped learning model to continue music learning outside of class time, relevant to their music work in school (we make students aware of these during the school based lessons)
  • Creating opportunities for feedback on learning (Teacher to student / Student to student / Student to teacher)
  • Using a structured but flexible approach to lessons that is fun and students love
  • Offering ongoing professional development, coaching and mentoring for music teachers
  • Creating a safe online community for music departments to become part of
  • Creating an opportunity for an annual CD release and online concert for our participating schools to take part in