All the staff at iRock are welcoming and dedicated to making the experience personalised and fun for their students.
Our son has improved in his drumming skills and confidence over the past year and has absolutely loved and looked forward to his lessons each week.

Without doubt, a top quality teacher. I was lucky enough to have Jerry as my music teacher for many years. His theoretical and practical knowledge is absolutely phenomenal, and his teaching methods are exceptional.



HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I’m a complete newbie, & thought that I’d be able to learn guitar from YouTube. Turns out it’s not that easy! However within 1 lesson I had progressed much further with iROCK. The big thing that you don’t get from online is the clear passion of the coach, it’s infectious & just makes you tune in to the lesson so much more. If you want faster, more meaningful progress, then get in touch with iROCK ASAP.



I can highly recommend iRock Music to anyone looking to start out on an instrument or for anyone just looking to touch up on a few things. Jerry and his team are great teachers and make it a lot of fun.


Music Education Consultant

Fantastic musician with a real passion for both teaching and music.



I have knows Jerry for 8 Years. He has taught both of my children. I can honestly say that Jerry is a dedicated caring, patient and understanding individual and teacher. Highly recommend.



Jerry is a sweet guitarist and an awesome teacher. His teaching studio is totally rad and his down to earth teaching style has helped me become a better guitarist. If you wanna be able to sweet pick like a mad dog and do rad guitar solos then Jerry at iRock will make you rock!



I am a 72 year old who wanted to learn to play a guitar 5 years ago. I went to a local music school and started lessons, The teacher I had left so I went to another local school. The teachers were good and patient with me but something was missing. My progress was slow, even though I practised on a regular basis. I arranged a private lesson with Jerry at iROCK and honestly I never looked back. The presentation and learning was what I was looking for and each week I looked forward to each lesson. When iROCK mark 2 version came a long I enrolled and this new concept of learning is second to none, you learn songs and chords at your own level standard and you progress at a steady pace. If you want to learn to play a musical instrument then I recommend iROCK Music School. iROCK Music School is a whole new music learning experience that will, as the blurb says, bring out the rock god in you (no matter what the age you are). So in closing if you want to learn guitar etc then iROCK is the music school for you.



I attended a workshop this summer that was led by Jerry from iRock. He demonstrated brilliant techniques for making music accessible to students at all ability levels. His teaching style is well organized, very professional, a lot of fun, and immediately gratifying. As a music teacher I am incorporating many of the strategies that Jerry taught us into my classes and the results have been great.


Teacher and Workshop Participant

Jerry is really passionate about music, teaching and so talented in his art. I’m blown away by Jerry’s skills I have witnessed working with his band. He has many years experience with teaching and has the ability to pass on his knowledge to anybody, with a genuine interest for what you want to achieve and in a way that is engaging and nurturing.


Business Colleague