Rob has been playing and performing music for over 20 years, starting off as a clarinet player and progressing to classical guitar soon after. Since then he’s added to his repertoire of instruments and is well versed in all styles of music from classical to contemporary. With these vast differences in styles he can tailor unique and exciting approaches to learning any style, on any instrument, something which he is very proud of.

Rob studied a Bachelor of Composition at Box Hill Institute where he learnt how to further develop these techniques and explore and manipulate music to even greater lengths. He has written over 500 songs (possibly more) in many different styles and understands the inner workings of writing, recording, and performing.

With all this experience, Rob finds it hard to pick his main influences. If he had to however, he would pay homage to the blues blended with the ingenuity of Jack White. He has great respect for that “classic rock” Jimmy Page type approach, while at the same time managing to incorporate sounds from 90’s grunge, 2000’s pop and punk rock, old school R’n’B and a little bit of Rage Against the Machine.

Rob is also an avid instrument builder and inventor, always searching for a new sound, creating instruments of his own and modifying other designs which open doors to new music and creative opportunities.

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