Lesson Fee Structure

  • Book your first one off lesson with us for only $25
  • We teach 40 lessons per year and follow the Victorian school term calendar
  • On average our students receive 10 sessions per term
  • Pay per term, monthly or weekly
  • We use Fons for all payments and scheduling

Flexible Payment Options

  • Weekly subscriptions run 52 weeks a year including holidays
  • Monthly subscriptions run 12 months a year including holidays (Save 5%)
  • Per Term subscriptions are best value, run 4 times a year and are paid in advance (Save 20%)
  • Talk to us about our casual rates option if your availability is unpredictable and you don’t mind spending a little more


  • 6-month commitment (Save 2.5%)
  • 12-month commitment (Save 5%)
  • Family (Save 5%)
  • Multi-package purchase for pre-existing clients (Save 5% of lessons packages and 50% off iROCKBand/iROCK@MusicTheory programs
  • Reviews (Complimentary Lesson)
  • Referrals (complimentary lesson to the value of $50)
  • Growth and Practise (Win a $100 lesson credit for demonstrating the greatest improvement overall)
  • Enrolment Length (merch, iROCK’ed’ concert tickets and more)

Enrolment Policy

  • Lesson fees are non-refundable
  • Lesson fees are not transferable to other students
  • Payment and confirmation are due no less than 48 hours before the first scheduled appointment to guarantee your spot
  • Mid-term enrolments are billed in advance for the remainder of the term
  • Subscription billing requires a minimum of 3 months attendance
  • Payments, billing and scheduling are managed through fons
  • Completed enrolments confirm approval to charge your credit card for the selected lesson package
  • Lessons for the term are billed in advance for that term, during the holiday period prior using the automated billing system in fons. This means that each time your lesson credit reaches zero your current lesson package will be recharged until you ask us to switch this function off
  • Lessons that fall on a public holiday will be rescheduled

Rescheduling Policy

  • iROCK does not cancel lessons
  • We value your lessons and regular attendance just as you do, which is why we have a 10 lesson per term policy to ensure our students’ success
  • 48 hours’ notice is required for all rescheduling. This includes re-booking on your schedule and lesson credits
  • Customers are responsible for rebooking all lesson credits and rescheduled lessons prior to the end of each term
  • Lesson credits expire at the end of each term
  • We will try to reschedule where possible (this is not guaranteed due to increasing demand and availability)
  • If you are unable to attend or reschedule a lesson due to missing the 48-hour window, we will record and send you a personalized video lesson in lieu of the appointment (this does not include team lessons). We can also offer a live zoom online lesson during your normal lesson time if you are unable to attend
  • If your teacher is unable to take you for a lesson, we will reschedule or find an excellent replacement teacher for you
  • Team lessons cannot be rescheduled or credited
  • A team lesson student may receive a personal session at a later stage during their normally scheduled lesson time if we are notified of an absence 48 hours prior (only for groups of 2). This is negotiated with the other student who subsequently received a personal lesson while the other was absent
  • No rescheduling, crediting or video lessons are provided for a student “no show”
  • Concert performances are counted as one lesson credit
  • Lessons missed at school because of a major event, and made aware to us by the school, will be made up

Communication Policy


All our teachers carry a working with children’s check and adhere to the highest quality expectations surrounding our student safety. Our students are supervised for the entire lesson in either personal or team lesson arrangement. Parents/Guardians are invited and encouraged to attend all lessons occurring at iROCK Music School (this always produces the best results for the student).


Supervision of students only occurs during the lesson. Please ensure you are available to pick your child up straight after each lesson, avoiding unnecessary wait time outside. iROCK@School students will be picked up and dropped back off at their classes by the iROCK teacher.

Parking and Neighbours

We invite you to please park in the street outside the house while keeping the driveway clear and we thank you for your cooperation. In addition to this, we are in a residential area so we ask that you please be considerate to our neighbours as you come and go from your lessons. Our neighbours are all fantastic and very happy with the way we are running iROCK so we want to preserve these relationships.


Access to iROCK Music School is through the gate on the right hand side of the house. Follow the signs to the door and ring the doorbell for entry. Enter if unlocked.


Consistent practise is critical to your success on any instrument. Without regular practise you are unlikely to progress, and in most cases students who fail to practise regularly each week will almost certainly give up. To avoid this, we require all students to meet the minimum practise requirements and ask that you use the practise diary in your folder. We also require all parents/guardians to set up a reward system for practise at home and provide information in your sign up pack to assist with this. We will check in to see how this is going regularly (Click here to see the iROCK@Practise support materials for home we have created for you).

Student Folder

You are required to either:

  • Accept our invite to access your new iROCK Google Drive folder, or
  • Bring your folder to every lesson as your folder contains the necessary materials for your lessons

Please keep the necessary components up to date and the folder in a good condition.

Coleman’s Music Partnership

iROCK and Coleman’s Music have partnered to give you VIP access and a fantastic list of instore bonuses. Access to their VIP usually requires a $500 spend in store, but iROCK students don’t need to do this. The VIP program includes:

  • Member VIP Card & Key chain card with barcode
  • Standard Members get 10% discount on basics (strings, cables, sticks, reeds, books)
  • Membership Offers sent monthly
  • Priority Invites for events and Priority Access to events
  • Priority Access to Sales
  • Preview to Annual Sale (Queen Birthday)
  • Online Discount codes apply to members
  • See email attachments upon full signup

Media and Privacy

From time to time, we take photos, video, or audio recordings of students playing. This is, in part for the student’s own benefit, as it gives a measurable sense of progress to see/hear yourself at different stages of development. All images and recordings will be archived, and you will be able to obtain a copy directly from your teacher upon request. These may also be posted to our relevant social media sites and webpage in the future because we believe that good things are worth sharing. If you do not want an image to be used online, please let us know. We will double check your consent before sharing any image which we have on file from your enrolment.

iROCK@School students are required to have all relevant consent forms for social media, photography and video signed by parents.


Any questions at all please feel free to contact us.