I am a 72 year old who wanted to learn to play a guitar 5 years ago. I went to a local music school and started lessons, The teacher I had left so I went to another local school. The teachers were good and patient with me but something was missing. My progress was slow, even though I practised on a regular basis. I arranged a private lesson with Jerry at iROCK and honestly I never looked back. The presentation and learning was what I was looking for and each week I looked forward to each lesson. When iROCK mark 2 version came a long I enrolled and this new concept of learning is second to none, you learn songs and chords at your own level standard and you progress at a steady pace. If you want to learn to play a musical instrument then I recommend iROCK Music School. iROCK Music School is a whole new music learning experience that will, as the blurb says, bring out the rock god in you (no matter what the age you are). So in closing if you want to learn guitar etc then iROCK is the music school for you.

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